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We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Long Beach Wholesale Property:

I just bought a property from Daniel and the transaction was very smooth. Daniel was very upfront and honest. He did a tremendous job with accommodating some of my request in an expeditious manner.

Kirk D. Boone

I am a local real estate professional here in the Long Beach metro area. One of my investors purchased an investment property recently from Daniel and the Long Beach wholesale group. Not only was the deal solid, but the transaction went very smooth and Daniel was responsive and transparent the entire time we were under contract. I highly recommend anyone looking for investment opportunities in the Long Beach metro area to contact Daniel and the Long Beach Wholesale Property team.

Zach Braxton

The way I do business is not only with the company but the one who runs that company. Daniel DiGiacomo not only strives to do better on the daily but shows others how powerful it can be to strive better daily and that reflects upon his company. He shows what it means to not only talk the talk but walk it and that speaks volumes. Five stars and hats off to Daniel and everybody he crosses paths with.

Efren Flores

This company is one of the honest companies that I’ve come across. They don’t try to manipulate you into something that is not good for you they’re just very honest people. Thank you Long Beach wholesale properties for everything that you’ve done. I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.

William Bodice

I have successfully JV’d on a wholesale deal with Daniel. He brought on a buyer within a day and everything went very smoothly through to closing on the property. I have another deal waiting to close also. I would recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to buy or sell real estate. Thanks Daniel!

Russell Clay

I’m a full time real estate investor and real estate broker in Long Beach, California. Daniel is known across the country for a good work ethic + real estate knowledge. I reached out to Daniel this week for expertise and assistance with something related to my real estate business. Despite how busy + successful he is he got back to me FAST. I can tell right away that he’s someone I’d like to do business with.

Joe Sauter

Great experience! This makes the second property I purchase in 3 months from Long Beach wholesale each buy was fast and upfront. Thanks a lot Long Beach Wholesale Property!

Maurice Cricket-Solomon

If your thinking about investing in real estate in the Long Beach area or if you have questions about wholesaling it’s going to be hard to find someone more knowledgeable or experienced then the team over at Long Beach Wholesale Property! Expect to get the best advice when it comes to your next real estate investment!

Matthew Kinnard

Daniel DiGiacomo is very helpful, easy to get along with and has a lot of knowledge and material to share about real estate. You just have to have the time, pay attention, and follow through.

David Kess Morris

Dan is the man. He gave me some advice on a fairly complicated real estate deal. He wasn’t involved in the deal but offered his help if I ever needed it. Not a lot of people will spend 20-30 minutes chatting it up with somebody they haven’t met. Thanks again!

Mike Riztano